High Income Skills To Make 6 Figures In 2020

High Income Skills: The Top 5 High Income Skills To Make 6 Figures

…When I think of high-income skills that make you six figures, I immediately think of Jason Capital and Dan Lok.

Jason Capital is notorious for helping people replace “rat race income” with Laptop Income.

Dan Lok is notorious for helping people achieve financial literacy and a high income.

They both preach about the importance of high income skills.


What are high income skills?

High income skills are skills you trade for high-dollars.

They are skills that help you earn an income of $100,000 or more.

And most importantly, they are skills that let you make a high income while still having a life outside of work.

What are some examples?

Well, these are the 5 best high income skills to make 6 figures in 2020:

high income skills
  1. Copywriting
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Closing
  4. Speaking
  5. Research

Let’s get into each one.


high income skills

What is copywriting?

Well, it’s my favorite high income skill. 🙂

But the dictionary defines it as: “The activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

More simply, copywriting is the reason why people buy something.

It is what takes someone from being unaware they have a problem…

…to being aware they have a problem but being unaware that a solution exists…

…to being aware that a solution exists but not knowing what product to buy…

…to finally knowing what product to buy and actually buying that product.

Copywriting is the content you see on a Facebook ad.

It’s the content you see on a regular Facebook post.

It’s the words spoken in any conversation. (I guess you could call this “copyspeaking”)

Point is… copywriting is how we communicate with each others as human beings.

More importantly, it’s how we communicate effectively and persuasively.

When people talk about “clickbait” headlines, they are talking about copywriting.

When people talk about how the news is always putting out negative information, they are talking about copywriting.

When people talk about the great speech Martin Luther King gave many years ago, they are talking about copywriting.

I hope you’re starting to see a trend here…


Copywriting is why people do things.

It’s why people buy stuff.

It’s why people get hired.

And it’s why people get married.

Copywriting is the way you speak, the way you communicate, the way you get your point across.

And if you want to achieve success in anything in life, you HAVE TO get good at copywriting.

Because whatever it is you’re trying to become successful at, it’s going to require selling others on your idea, your dream, your vision, your product, your service, yourself, etc.

High Income Skills Tip: How to Make 6 Figures with Copywriting

While you don’t need any formal education to make a high income with copywriting, you do need to acquire certain skills.

You have to learn how to write copy that SELLS.

Makes sense, right?

But how do you go about this?

And how do you go about getting people to pay you money for this?

Well, our recommendation is that you start by reading the literature.

In other words, we recommend you read some of the best books out there on copywriting.

Some good ones to start with are:

  1. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
  2. Making Ads Pay by John Caples
  3. The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
  4. Triggers by Joe Sugarman

Now, just like with anything else, you don’t want to just “peruse” through these books.

You want to immerse yourself in them.

Because it’s this immersion that will make you skilled.

It’s this immersion and obsession that will make you good at anything.

Once you start to get a feel for copywriting and you feel confident that “Yeah, I can do this!”, it’s time to start looking for clients.

Now, because looking for clients is relevant to ALL of these high income skills, I’ve included a short section at the bottom of this post on How To Get Clients.

Until then, let’s keep moving forward.


high income skills

Advertising is changing.

In the old days, you used to need lots of money to advertise.

Mainly because all the advertising was controlled by giant bureaucracies like television, radio, and newspapers.

But now you can buy start buying ads on Facebook for as little as $5-$10 a day!

Or Google Ads. Or YouTube ads.

Whatever floats your boat.

Point is, the Internet has made advertising, real advertising, available to pretty much anyone.

And what’s even better is that we are currently in a transition period.

Big brands have started to invest in digital advertising, but they are nowhere near monopolizing digital advertising the way they’ve monopolized television and radio.

Which means that ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Google are at among the lowest prices they’ll ever be!

So there’s never been a better time (except maybe in the 2000’s) to get into digital ads.

High Income Skills Tip: How to Make 6 Figures with Digital Advertising

The reason people will pay you for this service is simple: they put in $1 into the digital ad “machine” and get $2 back.

The more money they spend, the more money they make.

And they’ll gladly pay you a fee to make that happen for them.

Because you are the expert.

You are the one that knows how to run the machine that prints them money.

Now, where can you learn how to run the machine like a true expert?

Our best piece of advice is to take a course.

A course on Facebook Ads, a course on YouTube Ads, a course on Google Ads.

It’s the fastest way to get to “expert status.”

Famous entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez and Kevin David have made courses teaching people how to start their own digital advertising agencies.

And those are the two we personally recommend:

  1. Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)
  2. Kevin David’s Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

If you can get good at this skill (as in, really good), you can make a nice chunk of change from it.

Not to mention you’ll have a skill that’s totally invaluable: the skill of bringing in customers that pay you more than it cost to bring them in.

That’s the whole essence of a successful business: income > expenses

Learn how to do that well and you’ll never be out of a job.

Now, how do you get people to pay you for this wonderful high income skill?

Like I said in the Copywriting section, make sure to check out the How To Get Clients section at the bottom of this post.


high income skills

Ah, closing…

What an art.

It’s similar to copywriting in that it’s both part art and part science.

And it’s as useful of a high income skill as copywriting.

You could even say that copywriting is just closing in print.

And you’d be right.

Or you could say that closing is just vocal copywriting.

And you’d also be right.

Both copy and closing rest on the same principles of psychology, persuasion, and influence.

Please understand:



You want something done? Go convince someone.

You want to do it yourself? Convince yourself.

Persuasion and influence is at the heart of everything we do as human beings.

Where you are in life, the actions you’ve taken, and the direction you’re currently headed are all a result the decisions you’ve made – decisions you’ve made as a result of being influenced and persuaded to make those decisions, both by internal factors and external factors.

Please also understand:


Learn to influence yourself effectively and positively, and you’ll live a good life.

Learn to influence others effectively and positively, and you’ll make a lot of money.

That’s what closing is.

Closing is the ability to “seal the deal.”

It’s the ability to get someone to say yes.

It’s the ability to influence and persuade another person (or yourself) to take a certain action.

And when that action is to give you money, you’re in business.

High Income Skills Tip: How to Make 6 Figures Closing

Closing is a great side hustle.

Mostly because the actual work itself doesn’t take a lot of time (about 1 hour per close on average, depending on the price point).

And also because you get paid on commission.

Which means that the more you sell, the more you get paid.

And even better, the higher priced the item, the more you make.

You could make 5 figures from a single sale.

Now, if you want to learn the art of closing, here are some REALLY good books to get started with:

  1. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar
  2. How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins
  3. S.P.I.N. Selling by Neil Rackham

Also, read the ones I mentioned on the Copywriting section above.

Like I said, both high income skills are based on the same principles.

They’re just executed differently.

Dan Lok also has plenty of YouTube videos where he teaches the art of closing.

Once known as the King of High Ticket Sales (he’s moved on to bigger things), Dan Lok is an absolute master at closing.

And not only that, he is also a master at teaching it to you.

So check him out if you’re serious about acquiring the invaluable high income skill of closing.

Just like with every other high income skill on this list, if you’re wondering how to monetize it (i.e. who to sell it to and where to find those people), check out the section at the end of this post on How to Get Clients.


high income skills

Speaking. It’s the highest paid profession in the world per hour.

Richard Branson makes $100,000 per speech.

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes $250,000 per speech.

And Barrack Obama makes $400,000 per speech.

Now, you’re not going to start off getting paid multiple six figures for an hour or two of your time.

But acquiring the high income skill of speaking is one of the most productive things you can do with your time.

Every time you communicate with someone in person, you are going to speak.

Remember what I said about how the ability to persuade and influence is the most important skill you could acquire?

Well, getting your speaking down (your cadence, your tonality, your pauses, etc.) goes a long way.

How can you expect to close deals if you speak poorly?

How can you expect to acquire clients if you speak poorly?

How can you expect to do anything at all if you don’t know how to speak effectively?

No matter what you do, you’re going to have to learn how to speak assertively and persuasively.

High Income Skills Tip: How to Make 6 Figures Speaking

One of the best pieces of advice we can give here is to SPEAK FOR FREE.

“But why? How is that gonna make me 6 figures if it’s free?”

Because you’ll get GOOD at it.

Public speaking is the number one human fear.

Yes, it’s above even death.

Shocking, but true.

Which means you’re not going to get good at it just from reading some books.

Really, you’re not gonna get good at anything JUST from reading some books.

But that truth is amplified when we’re talking about public speaking.

Because we’re just so damn afraid of it, the hardest part isn’t knowing what to do.

It’s actually being able to do it.

That being said, here are some tips on the beautiful high income skill of speaking:

Don’t sound monotone. Change your cadence. Use multiple tonalities. Once our brain (your listener’s brain) notices a pattern we can hold on to (i.e. same tonality), our brain deems the source of that noise as safe and shuts off. If you want to be an effective speaker, you can’t have your audience’s brains turning off and shutting you out. Keep them alert.

Use hand gestures. There was a study which found that the highest rated Ted talks used almost twice as many hand gestures as those that were less viewed. Body language matters. For the same reasons as above, use multiple hand gestures and body movements to keep your listeners engaged. Don’t let them tune you out!

Listen. Weird, I know. But in order to be an effective speaker (and an effective communicator), you must first learn to listen. How can you speak in a way that reaches the person’s heart if you don’t know anything about them? The way you learn about them is by listening to them. Know your audience better than they know themselves, and they will tune in to your every word.

Learn from the best. Study the absolute best speakers in the world, whether you love them or hate them. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Donald Trump. Look for patterns that are common among the greatest speakers and emulate them. Make them your own. Add your own style.

Like I said, start by speaking for free.

It’ll make you better and, if you get really good at this high income skill, people will start to notice.

And you’ll find yourself on a wave of forward-moving momentum in no time.


high income skills

This is the ultimate catalyst.

It makes all the other ones better.

How can you write effective copy if you don’t know your target audience?

How can you close if you don’t know your prospect?

How can you speak effectively if you don’t know your audience?

You can’t!

And the way you learn about all those people is by doing your RESEARCH.

Now, this is probably the least sexy high income skill out there.

Mainly because it might require you going through dozens of Google pages, dozens of product review pages, and engaging in an in-depth analysis of a prospect and/or his business.

But it’s worth it.

Think about it: how much better would you write copy if you knew exactly what made your target audience tick?

How much better would you close if you knew a prospect’s business better than they knew it themselves?

And how much better would you be able to persuade and influence if you knew exactly how to tug at people’s heartstrings (and to do it in a way where they’re totally okay with it)?

Look, research is the unspoken holy grail of all high income skills.

And it’s never talked about because it’s not sexy.

It’s mundane and boring

But it’s necessary.

And it’s what will put you above the rest of the competition.

If you can engage in the dirty and dry process of doing your research…

…While everyone else is too lazy and just wants to “get by”…

…You will have an unbelievable competitive advantage over everyone else in your field.

Truth is, most people today are lazy as shit.

Maybe that’s because technology’s made us that way…

…But the reason is irrelevant.

What’s relevant is how you’re going to take advantage of it.

Are you going to grab the opportunity by the balls…

…Or are you going to fall prey to the same helpless sloth that everyone else in our society has become absorbed by?

The choice is yours.

Take advantage.

Do your research.

Study your competitors.

Study your prospects.

And study your marketplace.

Listen, in a day and age where we are more connected than ever yet feel more isolated than ever…

…the most valuable gift you can give someone is making them feel heard and understood.

The way you do that is by knowing them better than they know themselves.

And the way you do THAT is by doing your research.

Study, research, whatever you want to call it: it’s the greatest unspoken high income skill.

You’re now part of the 1% that sees the opportunity that very few can see.

And all you need is the discipline and the follow-through to take full advantage of it.


how to get clients

Ah, so you finally want to know?

I’m gonna make this short.

Because people overcomplicate the shit out of this.

Here’s your 3 steps:

  1. Find people / businesses you want to provide your service (copywriting, closing, digital advertising) for and put them in a spreadsheet.
  2. Create a CUSTOMIZED email follow-up sequence (NOTE: my favorite way to customize an email is to make the whole first paragraph unique. Once they see the whole first paragraph is made just for them, their “spam-radar” turns off, and they’ll be able to take in the rest of the email).
  3. Send out emails through a software like WoodPecker or MailShake.

That’s it.

It’s not difficult.

You just have to…



Another way to go about getting clients is to use the goods-in-advance method.

With this method, you provide a small sample of what you can do, and give it to the prospect FOR FREE.

You then go on to CLOSE them for the rest of the services.

So for example, if you were providing digital marketing services, you could do an audit of their website, their social media accounts, etc.

This way, you show two things: (1) you’re an expert who knows what he’s talking about, and (2) they have a problem that apparently only you can solve, since they probably didn’t even know about the problem before you came along.


Combine a unique, customized email sequence with the goods-in-advance method and you’ll be getting clients in no time.

And by the way…

You don’t need that many clients to make 6 figures.

Let’s say you charge $2,000/mo for your services (which isn’t very high)…

…You just need 4-5 clients to make 6 figures:

($2000/mo * 5 clients) * 12 months = $120,000

I’m telling you…

…When you start to get good at multiple of these high income skills, things really start to pop off for you.

Here’s to your inevitable success,


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